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Trekking in Iceland - The Laugavegur Trail

Iceland , Escorted or Guided Tour

Iceland is one of those rare places on Earth that feels more science-fiction than fact, even when you’re actually there. Get as close as you can to...

Rome to London on a Shoestring

Italy , Escorted or Guided Tour

Hope your happiness muscles are in peak condition because this epic 20-day combo tour of Europe is going to leave you feeling like life is good. Ri...

Amboseli Safari Experience

Kenya , Escorted or Guided Tour

Spot big game on this safari over the open plains of Amboseli National Park, returning in the evenings to the comfort of your own luxury tent. With...

The Scenic Route - Lima to Buenos Aires

Peru , Escorted or Guided Tour

Imagine an entire month (30 days, to be exact) to explore the very best highlights and cultures of Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. Visit the a...

Highlights of Madagascar

Madagascar , Escorted or Guided Tour

Lemurs, wild landscapes, village culture, beaches — Madagascar might be an island but there’s nothing small about it. For those who like to get rem...

Rio de Janeiro Carnival Experience

Brazil , Escorted or Guided Tour

Experience Rio’s biggest party with the best group of people ever! Dance the night away and see the sights and sounds of this truly epic annu...

Thailand Island Hopping – West Coast

Thailand , Escorted or Guided Tour

Thailand’s known for its unrivalled beaches, so forget setting foot on just one. This eight-day tour lets you hop around some of the best beaches a...

Camino de Santiago Encompassed

Spain , Escorted or Guided Tour

The opportunity to walk Spain’s celebrated Camino de Santiago isn’t just another vacation; it’s an outright life-changing achieve...

Glacier National Park—El Chaltén Independent Adventure

Argentina , Escorted or Guided Tour

Hike through some of the most dramatic scenery in the world on this active foray into Argentine Patagonia. Be awed by the towering, snowy peaks and...

Tortuguero National Park Tour – 5-Day Independent Adventure

Costa Rica , Escorted or Guided Tour

Spend four days at a lodge in and around Tortuguero National Park. The park is a land of canals and waterways lined by steamy jungle and mangroves ...

Bhutan Adventure

Bhutan , Escorted or Guided Tour

Imagine a country where a land’s worth is measured differently — think Gross National Happiness instead of Gross Domestic Product. Now stop dreamin...

Canadian Rockies Active Escape

Canada , Escorted or Guided Tour

Hike and bike your way through the beautiful canyons, glaciers and mountain passes that make the Canadian Rockies so enticing. This trip is perfect...

Sailing Turkey - Bodrum to Fethiye

Turkey , Escorted or Guided Tour

When it comes to beautiful coastlines and natural geographic wonders, it’s hard to beat the Turkish Riviera. On this sailing adventure, you&#...

Highlights of India

India , Escorted or Guided Tour

North India or South? Do both! This 2-week tour combines the riot of Rajasthan’s colours with the calming greens of Kerala. You’ll have time ...

Classic Vietnam & Mekong River Adventure

Vietnam , Escorted or Guided Tour

If you’re travelling Vietnam solely by land, you’re missing out on half the adventure. This tour doesn’t leave anything out. Cruise Halong Ba...

Bali and Java Explorer

Indonesia , Escorted or Guided Tour

If you’re looking to free your spiritual side–with a backdrop of stunning beaches and jungles–Bali and Java are waiting. Travel by bicycle rickshaw...

Los Angeles to San Francisco Express

United States , Escorted or Guided Tour

LA, San Francisco, Vegas, the Grand Canyon — they might as well rename this whole region The American Best. Steel yourself for seven days of 24-hou...

Islands of the Philippines on a Shoestring

Philippines , Escorted or Guided Tour

For travellers looking for a strange and beautiful adventure, this unique eight-day island-hopping trek through the Philippines will show you the b...

Land of the Maharajas

India , Escorted or Guided Tour

Legend has it that colour film was invented specifically to capture the vibrancy of India. (Okay, we made that up, but still.) This adventure offer...

Sri Lanka Encompassed

Sri Lanka , Escorted or Guided Tour

For most travellers, Sri Lanka has been off the map for too long. Well, it’s back. Discover the vibrant colours, diverse cultures, and swayin...


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